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Testimonials were written by clients within 2020-2022. Names are not included to protect client privacy. 


"Meashline guided me through a year of major life transitions. She helped me uncover and heal from my past so that I could create a better present for myself. She aided me in digging deep to identify who I was and to have the courage to stand in that power. The clarity I received from her sessions brought me so much peace which helped me create healthy boundaries, habits, and relationships. I couldn't have done it without her and I'm forever thankful for all the gems she's left me with. I grew so much and learned so much within one year of therapy with her. I'm finally who I always wanted to be and have the peace I always aimed for. I'd recommend her any day to anyone." 
                                                                                    - Anonymous client 2021

"Meashline has provided excellent thoughts and insights towards what I want to achieve in counseling. She has made me feel safe. She’s kind and she’s open. I highly recommend going to Meashline for any problems you may have, whether that’s in relationships, family, or a simple check in. She’s always present."
                                                                                    - Anonymous client 2021

"Thank you so much for all your help with our relationship. 


My future husband and I started seeing Meashline Titus to help us with trust issues, control issues, and communication issues. 

The first few sessions were spent getting to know us and what we wanted to accomplish.  This was important to be able to recognize how we both were feeling and what we wanted to accomplish. 

Meashline was not the type of therapist that just sits back and tilts her head with “how did that make you feel?” questions. She contributed with ideas and points of view that were much needed. She also used metaphors to help with consideration. 

I wasn’t sure about therapy through the computer but it did feel personal and comfortable in our own home. She felt very present and invested. She did not sugar coat things, this was much appreciated. When you are paying good money for help with your significant other, you want to get right into it and get to the meat of it all. 

We got into deep subjects and were challenged. We were given homework that we didn’t know we needed and learned more about each other.


I feel that therapy with Meashline Titus directly contributed to our relationship becoming much stronger and being able to get through some hard times successfully. 

When you go into couples counseling, you can’t go in thinking that the “other person will be fixed”. You have to both want it, show up, and work as a team.  Luckily, I have a good teammate and Meashline coached us with mending our relationship. 

I would firmly recommend her to others who want to strengthen their communication with their partners. 

Thank you so much, Meashline. "

   - Anonymous client 2022

"Meashline has been a true gift. I've made a lot of progress with my anxiety, handling life challenges, understanding myself and what I want, and how to communicate with people who can't communicate. The list goes on. She guides me through every struggle that I face and helps me come up with effective tools that I'll actually use. I could write for days about how helpful she's been. 10/10 recommend."
 Anonymous client 2020  
"Meashline has been a Godsend and a gift to me. She sees me in ways many people don't. She encourages me every session, not by telling me what I should do, but by reminding me that I already know what to do. She empowers me to trust myself. I'm in my 30s. My story involves a violent childhood home, addiction, rape, a brain injury, abortions, anxiety, abuse - the list goes on. I've read books about all of the above. I've sought all kinds of spiritual healing. But I have not felt as strong, as empowered, as I do in this season, after working with Meashline this year. She is teaching me to have faith in my own intuition. I tried 5 therapists before Meashline, and none of them resonated with me. She is a light. She is wise and compassionate. I recommend her without hesitation."
 Anonymous client 2020 

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